The following is brought to you by Dr. Swartz and the wonderful people in the OR at Shady Grove Hospital. Never seen before and not likely to be seen again intimate photos of Brad. Brad was nice enough to allow us to share these with you only because he hopes someone will learn from them and possibly get a little queasy. Plus he suffered for more then 24hrs in extreme pain and this is all he got.

Once again many thanks go out to Dr. Swartz and the people in the OR. Especially that wonderful nurse that gave me that shot of demerol. Blissful sleep... No pain.

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This is a shot of Brad's appendix before it was removed. As a note everything should be that nice pink color. The part you see that is not is known as the appendix.

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This wonderful shot if the actual removal of the appendix and the stapling of the cut. The tools you see in the picture are smaller then they appear.

And lastly the final product. The end of a torturous day and a note. To this day the doctors say that they have no idea what the appendix does. All I know is that it causes a whole hell of alot of pain. More then I have ever felt.

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Check out the worst appendicitis story I have heard yet!!

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Well, I need to appologize for letting the "Discussion Group" go so long unattended.  I have spent some time on it and it is working again... No thanks to the Microsoft code.  I will be upgrading it soon.  Please enjoy and post to it.

Because of how popular this page has been and the amount of e-mails I get is wonderful.   I thought it would be nice if everybody could share their experiences.  So I have this new discussion page for everyone.  Just click on the button to the right -->

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Brad would love any comments or words of encoragement. He is also currious who is seeing this side of him. Drop him at line.  Brad Verd.